Different Perspectives on Paperless

Too busy for Change?

If I could prove to you that in one day I could make you 10% more efficient, would you give me that one day? What if it was 20%? What about 30%? Look at the cartoon. How much more efficient would those two cavemen be if they just stopped rushing around for a few minutes and changed the...


How to Reduce Eye Strain

With our increasing reliance on digital devices for reading documents, communicating with others (video calls), and even attending remote hearings, many people are experiencing issues with their eyes after prolonged exposure to screens. There are many ways that eye strain can be avoided...


How to Improve Screen Reading

"I just prefer paper." "I spot things more quickly on a paper copy." "I tend to miss errors on a screen when proof-reading, so I print a paper copy instead." This is just some of what you are saying to me about going paperless, and it highlights a very specific concern that you...